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Sky Man International (SMI) has a goal to make sure all of their products are used correct and safely. To make sure every user can work safely, SMI gives several types of training packages.

Type of training

    • End user training
    • Competent person training (VAR)
    • Train the trainer training
    • Competent service person training (CSC)

User training

This training is meant to give the user of the product enough knowledge so safe usage is guaranteed. In this training you’ll learn how to use the product correctly, what you need to do in emergencies, what to do in case of product failure and do a checkup of the product before usage.

Competent person (For Value Added Reseller)

A competent person is a person who is competent to do replacement of components on a product. In this type of training you’ll learn how to check the product for failures, how to assemble or disassemble main components (if they need to be replaced) and everything a user training provides.

Train the trainer

A trained trainee is what we call a person who is trained to do training. In this type of training the person will learn what is important when they give training, special attentions to the product, explanation of the components and their function, …

Competent service person (For Certified service center)

The CSC training is meant for companies who have the ability to do service on products. In this training the company gets a certificate that states they are competent to do service on every product made by Sky Man International. You will learn product details, every part of a product, tips to solve problems, do a complete test according to EN1808 and machine directives and much more.

If you have any further questions about our trainings, do not hesitate to contact us