Dear valued contact,

As a manufacturer in suspended access equipment, safety is our highest priority. This is the case for our products as well as for the complete Skyman-family as we see our clients, resellers, end users, suppliers our colleagues and co-workers.
In these times of global thread, which  Covid-19 is, we are constantly following up on the advice of our government and specialists in this matter. In Belgium, this means to work from home and if not possible to follow the rules of social distancing. Our production will remain at full force following the required social distance.
Employees that show symptoms, have been travelling in areas where the Covid-19 virus has been severely diagnosed, have been in contact with people that have been diagnosed or are part of the risk group are obliged to stay at home. Meetings with external people have been cancelled or are being held through online platforms. Internal meetings are limited in participants and minimized as much as possible.

We are monitoring the constant changing rules thoroughly so we can do the necessary when our supply chain might be jeopardised. If at one point in time our supply chain or production will been influenced we will immediately inform our clients.

If you have any questions regarding your order or our mutual supply chain, please get in contact with

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